October 2016

Elana Kilkenny

The Intuitive Counselor and Interior Designer Makes Magic In Her Creative Space At Home

E L A N A   K I L K E N N Y   O N   W H Y   S H E ' S   O B S I X E D . . . g u c c iI have been deeply under the spell of Gucci every since Alessandro Michele became their Creative Director. His magical designs feel plucked from a Midsummer Night’s Dreams. m a t t aI’m obsessed with their gorgeous bohemian-style clothing made from swoon-worthy textiles in stunning color palettes. Their dupatta shawls are a class act onto themselves, they drape beautifully and also come in the most beautiful seasonal hues.a n t h r o p o l  o g i eMy go-to place for gorgeous home décor, boho-chic clothing and design inspiration via their transporting in-store experiences and gorgeously-conceived catalogues.a b c   h o m e This stunning design destination is one of my favorite places to visit for sustainable design for home, adornment, and inspiration.n a t u r a l   b e a u t y I decided to switch to natural skin-care products and makeup after hearing a talk that Dr. Frank Lipman gave in which he spoke about the importance of using natural products on your skin as it is the largest organ of our bodies and is very porous. Through stores like ABC Carpet and Home and Credo, I fell in love with the RMS Beauty line of natural makeup.