Photos Abbey Drucker | Words Marisa Meltzer

Aya Cash is best known for costarring in FXX’s dark comedy You’re the Worst. But as that show wraps up—its series finale is April 3rd—we caught up with the actor in a pivotal moment to discuss what she wants to take on next. 

You play Neil Simon’s wife in the new series Fosse/Verdon? Yes, but I’m not in the dance numbers. All my stuff is with Michelle [Williams]. And the show is stacked with all these New York theater legends. When you start in New York theatre and see those people populate TV movies, it’s so exciting.

Do you live in New York? Yeah, I’ve lived here for 14 years. My career would probably be better if I lived in LA, but my mind would not and my heart would not. I landed here last night from LA and it was… home.

What are you working on next?  I’m gonna be totally honest: I just got this job I’m excited about, but I can’t say what it is yet. I got it and was still like, “What about that other thing I’m up for now?” We live in a culture of more, more, more and next, next, next. It’s like the hole never ever gets filled.

What is your version of a T-shirt and jeans? I love dresses and never wear them; I live in T-shirts and jeans. These are Levi’s, from the Karla Welch collection. I did a vote campaign for them and was given a pair. The shirt is vintage from Painted Bird in LA.

How do you get your best ideas? Reading. I was always a big reader growing up, maybe because my mom’s a writer and I was an only child. So, books. And articles too.  If I could read the New Yorker or The New York Times in full, then I don’t read a book, and if I read a book, there’s a stack of New Yorkers.

What do you do when you are stuck? Feel shitty about myself, wallow, eat. In the good moments I do things like write or go see a play or go to a museum. I read the most. I remember seeing [the play] The Flick and just wanting to crawl on stage.

Are you afraid of anything? Besides spiders? We had a snake living in our house and I wasn’t freaked out, but spiders... In a larger, sense I’m afraid of being a fraud. We all have impostor symptom as women. I struggle with feeling like I’m a disappointment to people. I want to give them the thing they want but don’t know how. Or they want me to behave a certain way. I want to be above it, and I’m not. I know enough to know I shouldn’t care and can't stop.

What is your most amazing recent discovery? I saw Hilma af Klimt at the Guggenheim and thought, holy shit I need to expand my life. Also Ottessa Moshfegh. I read her books My Year of Rest and Relaxation and Eileen back to back.