Photos Victoria Stevens | Words Tamara Rappa

Millana Snow has been practicing and studying holistic health and spirituality for over twenty years. As an energy healer, Snow serves thousands of clients worldwide, and her show on Dash Radio has over ten million listeners per month. These days, Millana has been pouring herself into an entrepreneurial endeavor that she's especially proud of, as part of her mission to "democratize wellness". Wellness Official is the online marketplace she's been meticulously building using her vast network of friends and colleagues within the health, fitness, spiritual, and healing spaces. She's creating a community where practitioners and clients join together in an easy, accessible, and trusted place, and where they will be able to book a myriad of self care rituals and practices. As a model and influencer, Snow will also connect the Wellness Official community to the many brands she's worked with over the years. We talked to this wise one about what makes for a peaceful space, her favorite way to end her day, and how she gets her best ideas.

What has been the most challenging aspect of building Wellness Official? For me, the most challenging part is much of the tech side of the business. That's why I'm so grateful to have partners who are world class in development and building the product out from a technical perspective.

What has been the most inspiring? By far, the practitioners and the people we help with our healing is the most inspiring 'why' behind what I do. I believe that wellness professionals and practitioners make the world a better place.

What are the components of a peaceful space in the home for you? Wind chimes hanging outside (that are audible in my house), lots of candles burning, and a good vibe. I can feel when things are off, and I have a whole apothecary of woods and herbs to burn and clear my space. Also, my bf is a musical genius who keeps music playing on our Sonos 24/7.

What is your favorite way to end your day? With my dog and my man, cooking outside and eating good food. 

What is your version of a t-shirt and jeans? I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans girl. I prefer a nice linen button up and high-waisted jeans. In the winter, I'll wear jeans with a turtleneck.

How do you get your best ideas? In the shower, in meditation, when I write my morning pages,  and during my energy healing sessions. 

What do you do when you're stuck? I meditate or go work out. If that fails, I call my wise friends and family, or see my teacher. 

Are you afraid of anything? Yes, I am afraid of many things, but I don’t that let fear stop me from anything!

What is your most amazing recent discovery? That if I take things one step at a time when creating BIG things, everything comes together... one step at a time. 

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