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Photos Marissa Kaiser | Words Tamara Rappa

Nicole Ianniello is a creative curator and exhibition producer with a distinguished eye and a love of beauty in diverse forms. With both an MA in Art Business from Sotheby's and a fashion degree from Parsons School Of Design, Nicole's extensive background includes working with brands and artists like Kelly Wearstler, Ulla Johnson, Kiki De Montparnasse, and Delphine Diallo. She brings a very specialized attention to detail coupled with a keen sense for what will sell to a wide range of only the most of-the-moment projects, artists, and brands. She writes and creative-directs, while also specializing in visual merchandising and buying and selling. Clients will look to her to stay ahead of the trends but also to increase their sales. We talked to Nicole about how she gets her day started, where she feels most inspired, and more.

What is your version of a t-shirt and jeans? A vintage t-shirt and my black R13 jeans--an Italian label. They fit me perfectly, maybe because I'm Italian! I'm a creature of habit. I get my vintage at Love Adorned or if I take a trip upstate I'll shop there. I don't shop for vintage in New York City much anymore. I usually shop for vintage when I'm traveling. In Miami they have a good flea market, on Lincoln Road.

Do you have a place in this world that you feel most creative? By the ocean. I go to Miami pretty often. I feel I can write really well there. Sometimes it's hard for me to write in New York City because the energy is so intense. I do feel creative in Brooklyn though. I like to work at Dumbo House. It's by the water!

Do you have a specific way that you start your day? Usually I go running. Outside if it's warm enough, or in the gym. And I do yoga at home.

How do you get your best ideas? I get my best ideas when I run near the water, on the West Side Highway. I run a lot; whether I'm by the ocean, or running on the West Side Highway in New York City. The water creates something inside of me that makes my creativity flow. And the runner's high makes me motivated.

What do you do when you're stuck? When I'm stuck I visit art galleries. I look at art as much as time will allow. It's very therapeutic for me.

Are you afraid of anything? I'm afraid of being stuck in an elevator. That's my worst fear. That feeling of claustrophobia completely freaks me out.

What is your most amazing recent discovery? I did a writing assignment in Mexico City, covering the art shows there. I discovered so many great new artists. And the city itself...discovering the energy there. I discovered so many cultural things about Mexico City that I hadn't discovered on a previous trip. This particular trip was filled with art in raw spaces and things you can't necessarily do in New York City because of law limitations. I'm very sensitive to ambience and spaces. So it was new and fresh.