February 2023

Sarah Jones | Episode 125

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Over many years, actor, poet, playwright, writer, producer, director, activist, and Tony Award-winner Sarah Jones would contribute her powerful perspective to culture, ultimately birthing what would become her one-of-a-kind brand with a message. Influenced by growing up in Queens, her time as a downtown New York slam poet, and more, Sarah is known for her multi-character, one-person shows, the Broadway hit Bridge + Tunnel, and the critically-acclaimed play, Sell/Buy/Date. She's given multiple TED Talks, performed for the Obama's, and at the World Economic Forum. She recently launched social justice-focused, Foment Productions, and recently acted in Broad City, Noah Baumbach's Oscar-winning film Marriage Story, and in Julie Delpy's series for Netflix, On The Verge. On the podcast Sarah discusses deepening the alignment in her values, and working with artists whom she truly believes in. Given the much deserved title of "master' of her genre by none other than The New York Times, Sarah just made her debut as film director, with her documentary Sell/Buy/Date, in which she, of course, also herself, and as a handful of the diverse signature characters she's known for. On episode 125 of the podcast we get into ALL of it. In a delicate symphony of self expression, self exploration, cultural and individual life experience, Sell/Buy/Date doc, an 'Unorthodoc' , as she calls it, dances between deeply honest and organic discussions with those in and around the sex industry, intimate friendships with familiar faces like Ilana Glazer, Rosario Dawson, and Bryan Cranston, the Greek-chorus commentary and comedy of her characters, and a very personal peek offstage and into Sarah's own life and family. We talk about the night that Sell/Buy/Date the play went from being performed in her living room to its very first audience, the major backlash that turned what would have been her movie into an exploratory documentary, how exactly her hybrid film was made, how she voices her characters, how and when they took shape, and the way in which she introduces new ones...and doesn't. We discuss the origins of her activism, how she prepares for her multifaceted performance style, being an 'HSP', and how putting self care first helps her art. Sarah and Tamara share stories about the United Nations International School, where they met as students, what makes it such a unique place, and how it's informed a lot of Sarah's work, as an artist and as an activist. Be prepared to laugh! You'll hear Sarah share her thoughts and her story in at least seven other accents, and as at least seven other people. We talk about what stokes her drive to give back, teaching poetry on Rikers Island, and that time she was the first artist ever to sue the FCC for censorship.

"If you become a master of self care first, everything comes into place: your natural flow; your expertise; the gifts you've been given to be of service on this planet. They will all come into alignment." -Sarah Jones

"I feel like a one-woman Airbnb. They all just live in here." -Sarah Jones



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