June 2022

Ladurée Royale Salad

Serves 1 person


.33 pounds of ground radish
.46 pounds of carrot
.46 pounds of cucumber
.66 pounds of edamame shelled
.612 pounds of mango
5 avocados
2.2 pounds of salmon
.55 pounds of quinoa
.02 pounds of white sesame seed
.02 pounds of black sesame seed
.02 pounds of chia seed
.33 pounds of mayonnaise
.04 pounds of tomato paste
.16 oz. of tabasco
3.38 oz. olive oil
3.38 oz. lemon vinaigrette 


Wash and peel the carrots. Make a julienne with a mandoline. Wash and cut the extremities of the cucumber, chop in four or six in the length. Then, cut to make cubes to 1.5 / 1cm of thickness. Make radish shavings of 2 mm thickness and keep in place in a basket with ice and water. Peel the mango and chop to make cubes like the cucumber. Open the avocado and make cubes. Dress salmon filet and chop to make salmon cubes---like the other cubes. Blanch and refresh edamame in ice. Cook quinoa and set aside. Mix the mayonnaise with the tomato paste and the tabasco, adjust seasoning and keep in pipette. Roast the white sesame seeds and mix them with black sesame seeds and chia seeds

On a salad plate, put the quinoa in the middle. Then, place the other elements around the quinoa (edamame, carrots, cucumber, radish, mango, and avocado). To finish, mix the fresh salmon cubes with the olive oil. With the mayonnaise pipette make a zig zag on all of the elements. Sprinkle the seeds mixture on top.

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