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Later, Please
January 2019

Seize The Day

Stylish Planners Are So This Year.

In a world where everyone has gone digital, we still have a Luddite-mentality when it comes to-do lists and calendaring. But for good reason: it’s been proven that writing something down is better for our brains than typing. There’s also a romance to keeping a day planner that the calendars on our iPhones just don’t offer. Luckily, we’re not the only ones with a penchant for old fashioned planners. To meet the paper-based demands of people like us, companies are producing more stylish planners than ever. The best ones on the market? Write this way. 

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Smythson panama fashion agenda
Smythson $195.00 DETAILS
Kikki.k large mint leather personal planner
kikki.K $79.95 DETAILS
Julia kostreva 2019 planner pink stripe abstract
Julia Kostreva $9.99 DETAILS
Ashley mary celestial 2019 12 month planner
Ashley Mary $34.00 DETAILS
Barney s new york leather refillable journal
Barney's New York $165.00 DETAILS
Urban outfitters patterned daily planner journal
Urban Outfitters $24.00 DETAILS