May 2023

Sophie Thatcher | Episode 128

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Sophie Thatcher: Actor + Story + Rain Cover Star

Story + Rain cover star Sophie Thatcher is an artist through-and-through. The Yellowjackets star immerses herself in acting, music, art, writing, and fashion. On episode 128 we discuss the importance of connecting to art, how it can be transformative, and Sophie’s vision for being as vulnerable + as chameleon-like as possible in her work. We discuss her being intense as a kid, how she’s been influenced by music, and also by growing up Mormon. We talk about the special relationship she has with her twin, a fellow artist, and their matching tastes. We get into the first time she was on set, her feelings about theater, and the things that inspire her very strong artistic + visual sensibility. We chat about finding home on the road, planting roots in Silver Lake, and falling in love with having a sense of place. Listen in for an intimate BTS discussion on all things Yellowjackets, the hit Showtime series currently streaming on Hulu, in which Sophie has the unique experience of playing the younger version of the older version of a character played by Juliette Lewis. Thatcher shares how sharing the role with Lewis has given her more confidence as an actor and fuel for pursuing all her artistic interests. She tells us about the impact a serious scooter accident had on how she played Natalie, and we dive into all the details of her season 2 story lines. Sophie weighs in on the show’s discussions of belief system. And then there’s the cannibalism. Sophie  talks about the panic, out-of-body experience, disassociation, and “weird day” on set involved in shooting the season’s much-anticipated key scene, and more. You’ll hear about the June release of the Stephen King movie, The Boogeyman and her role in it, opposite Chris Messina, the music she paints to, how she makes music, and she walks us through her home for her #Obsixed list of current obsessions.

"The most powerful thing I can feel from art or music is when I feel it can center me; when I can see myself, and find some point of connection. If I can share my vulnerability through the different characters that I play, I feel like that can help people accept themselves." -Sophie Thatcher

"I was talking to some people about this other show that I might do, and they were saying that they would want me to be a part of the entire creative process, writing, and giving my input. I think that's so important." -Sophie Thatcher


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