February 2022

Steve Schwartz | Episode 94

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Master Tea Blender + Founder of Art of Tea Steve Schwartz

The Art of Tea company, founded by Steve Schwartz, is perfectly named. Integrity, purpose, and deep care are steeped into everything they create and do. Visit the world of Art of Tea on the brand’s website, and there it is---art in all the products, art in all the storytelling, art in all the details: art is all around you. Steve’s educational journey in Ayurveda led to travel, and travel led to tea. What came next was Steve’s next-level approach to tea sourcing, blending, and drinking. He stepped up what we’d long come to accept from the tea market, and made a huge mark on the industry. After five years of creating and teaching sold out blending programs for the World Tea Convention, the industry deemed Steve a Master Tea Blender. Here on episode 94, we talk to Steve about being ahead of his time. He shares how tea borrows from wine appreciation, the specific way in which he taught himself how to be an entrepreneur, surrounding himself with sages, life shifts, being an explorer, and his opinion about a “one silver bullet approach” to wellness. We discuss how travel has shaped his experience and perspective, his love of learning, and some of the most interesting people he’s met along the way. He talks building his brand, how he turned his once underground brand into a big business, his brand mission, the keys to hiring, and his team and how they operate ---all with a dose or two of some very valuable advice. Steve talks about the communication secret. We of course get specific about his brand’s unique selections, sourcing and procuring the pristine ingredients that Art of Tea is known for, the details behind tea blending, and the story behind his decision to finally add wellness teas to the Art of Tea collection. We get the scoop on how to best prepare and enjoy tea. You’ll hear about the brand’s amazing collabs with people and companies from Slack and Google, to Wolfgang Puck and Vera Wang, to Penninsula Hotels, LACMA, and Huntington Gardens. Get ready to learn a little something about a little something special, hear all about the brand making an impact on people's lives through tea. Prepare to be inspired. A long time world traveler, Steve shares six serious travel hacks that are brilliant.

"Tea can affect so many people's lives. It's the second most consumable beverage in the world behind water. There's ceremony, and a sense of ritual. What we need now more than ever, especially since we spent the last two years having business, school, and educational interactions— all behind a screen, is an excuse to come together where a hot beverage can be easily poured, shared, and served." - Steve Schwartz

"It's a myth that you'll work for yourself. You work for your staff. You work for your vendors. You work for your farmers. You work for your team. You work for your customers. It's an endless task of servant leadership to support more people. The more people you can impact, the wider your net is for being able to broadcast out. It's about what you can do to make this world better." - Steve Schwartz

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