June 2023

Jordana Brewster | Episode 131

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Enduring in everything from TV to film, on this week’s podcast, Story + Rain  cover star Jordana Brewster talks twenty-two years of Fast + Furious,  as the franchise motors through a milestone with billions at the box office, and latest film, Fast X. The beloved beauty and talent shares where she is at 43. She shares her thoughts on the crop of plum roles for females in their forties that interests her, how the entertainment industry has evolved, and who and what she loves to watch herself, specifically. She takes us on her long, wild ride as an actor, from starring in 1990’s favorite The Faculty to finding her way into the Ryan Murphy American Crime Story family. We discuss the corral of confidence she had as a kid that landed her those very first, life-changing roles, who she was as a student at Yale, posing for magazines then and now, and dating Mark Wahlberg in the days before social media. We talk wild days and nerdy days, and not dimming one’s light. Describing herself as a girl’s-girl, Jordana explains why it’s worthwhile to be friends with other working moms, dishes details about her relationships with her longtime Fast family, what she’s proud of most in making the Fast films, and she also shares stories about recent and upcoming projects, Who Invited Charlie?, and Neon, in which she plays a lesbian drug lord. She talks about what it’s like to be globally famous, what she wants for Mia and for Fast’s all-female spin off, what it means to practice self-care, how she maintains balance, and her favorites in everything from fashion to fitness, and more. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain Talks to actor and our stunning cover star, Jordana Brewster.

"Now, when I look back on all of my performances in Fast, I think the first one is one of the best---from all of us.

"What I loved about my time at Yale was that I learned that reading relaxes me. I find that there's nothing better."



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