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Later, Please
June 2018

Sweat it Out

Charlee Atkins, Le Sweat Founder And Soul Cycle Master Instructor Gives Us The 411 On Workouts To Practice On The Go.

Who better to tap than the busy creator of Le Sweat, Charlee Atkins (a certified strength and conditioning specialist, mobility specialist, travel connoisseur, and Soul Cycle Master Instructor) for the ultimate in workout-on-the-go tips. Atkins is ultra-fit and gorgeous, so we were all ears.

Charlee truly believes in creating workouts that are accessible from anywhere: your living room, hotel room, or a beach. "My philosophy is to use little to no equipment, and just a timer to break one heck of a sweat. Working out is the best stress reliever and mood booster, and staying active while traveling is my speciality, which is why I created Le Retreat (fitness inspired travel excursions) for like-minded souls."

If you're stuck in a hotel with no gym or just don't feel like changing into workout gear, Atkins suggests doing a combination of body weight exercises that target the entire body. "The easiest way to fit a lot in is via the circuit training route — aka, setting a timer and going through a series of exercises to target different body parts".

Another pro tip: if you've got a back to back vacation schedule, or a business trip itinerary that's making demands on your entire day, Charlee tells us that her secret weapon is a jump rope. Noted! "My recipe is 2-minutes of jump rope followed by 1-minute of body weight exercises repeated 5 times. Choose ones that hit each body part: legs, core, arms, booty, shoulders and back. If you don’t have a jump rope, then just pick another form of cardio exercise mixed with strength exercises."

Head to the Playbook app in ITunes to find all of Charlee Atkins' favorite, equipment-free 8-15 minute travel workouts. You can access these from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wifi and an iPhone.

And if you're out of town and can actually access a beach or park, get out there. Charlee's tip? "Set a timer for 15 minutes and run in one direction, when the timer ends turn around and head back. Voilà, 30-minutes of cardio done!" There are plenty of easy-to-download timer apps.

Avoid inevitable excuses by planning ahead; Charlee also suggests packing mini exercise bands and a jump rope in your carry on, placing them inside your sneakers.

What we really wanted to know is how to mentally commit to sticking with the plan. Preparation is half the battle. Atkins insists that getting our workouts done in the morning will prevent you from getting off track. "We all think we want to sleep in on vacation, but the best time to sneak in a workout in is in the morning. I usually go for a run; it’s the best way to explore a new city or destination".