May 2024

The Well Collective | Week Of May 29, 2024

Time With Friends, A Vegan Indulgence, Saying Yes To Slow Fashion, Defining Deepest Desires, And Emotional Expression At Home

live well

time with friends

In the midst of chaos in life, there's nothing quite like the bond of sisterhood to lift you up and recharge your spirit. Whether it's a girl’s trip or simply a coffee meet up, spending time with your girlfriends is an essential act of self care. Carving out time to connect with our girlfriends is a chance to let go of our responsibilities for a moment and simply be ourselves, surrounded by the love and support of those who truly understand us. Sisterhood offers a unique kind of recharge—one that goes beyond the physical, and IT touches the depths of our souls. It's in these moments of laughter, shared stories, and heartfelt conversations that we find solace and strength to navigate life's challenges. Reach out to your girls!

in this photo I'm wearing a dress by daughters of india. ethical, sustainable, slow fashion!

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zen well

Initiate a weekly family meeting with your children and partner, where you can collectively reflect on the highs and lows of the week. Encourage your kids to share moments they felt proud of, lessons they learned, their favorite school activities, the friends they're enjoying spending time with, and any challenges they faced. By fostering this open line of communication from a young age, you're laying the foundation for them to feel comfortable confiding in you as they grow older and become more independent during their teenage years. This routine of open dialogue strengthens family bonds and promotes a supportive environment for emotional expression and growth.

eat well

So one of the things I thought I’d miss the most when going Vegan was spinach artichoke dip but my good friend Ray taught me how to make one that tastes even yummier than the OG dip that I’d go restaurant-hopping to find! This is such a beautiful and impressive dip to bring along to dinner parties, served in a bread bowl.

well said


Finding my center has been a game changer in unlocking my deepest desires, and one thing that's really helped me is making meditation a part of my daily routine. It's about finding a moment of peace amidst the chaos of life, giving myself the chance to breathe and just be. Especially when things get hectic, meditation is like my secret weapon for staying grounded and focused. And the best part? It's something I can do anytime, anywhere, no matter how busy I am. It's a little act of self care that costs nothing but brings so much mindfulness and clarity into my life, helping me break free from those nagging self-limiting beliefs. I highly recommend starting with an app like Insight Timer. It's been a game changer for me, offering a variety of sessions and guided meditations that cater to my needs and preferences.

well dressed

At the premiere of The Fall Guy in Los Angeles on April 30th. I loved this Chanel look; streamlined and simple elegance. I think it’s the perfect juxtaposition to the crazy character I played.

well up

 Introducing grow, our Kids Smoothie Blend—a delicious concoction crafted by me! Packed with over thirty superfoods to fuel our little ones' growth and development. This blend is a labor of love, designed to taste like chocolate to entice even the pickiest eaters, ensuring they'll ask for Grow every single day. Grow is a quick and convenient addition to our kids' daily routines, with a powerhouse of essential nutrients, vitamins, prebiotics, and plant-based protein, including hemp and pea. I curated the perfect 1:2 combo to meet all protein needs and offer maximum benefits for growing bodies. Plus, with added nutritional perks like pre and probiotics, iron, calcium, omega-3's, and magnesium, Grow delivers a complete and balanced diet in every sip.

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