March 2021

The Wellness Rituals I'm Relying On Week Of March 3, 2021

All Things Relaxing, From Tea to D by Nikki Reed


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Taking a moment for yourself is always important. I have always been a morning person. I sometimes set my alarm super early, before the rest of the house is awake, because I cherish my morning time alone. I sit with a cup of hot tea and get ready for the day...


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Vitamin D is so important and wild fact: most Americans are D deficient. I know we’ve all been told to fear the sun, and for good reason because too much of anything can be bad, but I swear by the healing effects of sun/Vit D. I try to get 30 min of outdoor sun time every day. My trick for that is if I can, I do one conference call outside, or I try to go on a short afternoon walk with my daughter to catch the last few rays. 


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I definitely have a lot less time these days for luxurious bath time, but I still try and get in 1 per week. I have my favorite neck pillow that snaps around the front which helps to stretch out the tension from a heavy work week, and I just hang out with myself or my daughter in the tub for 20 minutes. We make it fun, we add in Epsom salts, lavender oil and Baeo bubbles. If I’m alone, I toss on a good podcast and just close my eyes...

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Nikki Reed is a mom, wife, philanthropist, actor, and leader in the sustainable jewelry industry. She's been leading the charge in the Los Angeles-based sustainable jewelry market for the last few years with her socially conscious lifestyle website, BaYou with Love. Galvanized by the desire to create harmonious moments between how we feel and what we wear, Nikki’s attainable, sustainable efforts include engagement rings made with 18 karat gold recycled from Dell technology, and are accented with cultivated diamonds grown in California and ethically mined sapphires. Not only are the materials sustainable, but the rings are made in DTLA at a manufacturing facility committed to minimizing its environmental impact and footprint. For her endeavors, she's been named one of Cause Artist’s Top 35 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us and motivated by the lack of sustainable and natural options, BaYou with Love was founded to merge thoughtful consumerism with effortlessly chic style.