May 2018


Victor Sanz Shares Tips For Packing, His Favorite TUMI Pieces, And 7 Gifts For Father's Day

TUMI Creative Director Victor Sanz. 

Recently, on a visit to view the latest from TUMI (the collection that is, quite literally, synonymous with travel), we caught up with the brand's Creative Director, Victor Sanz. We learned that between the months of January and March, Victor had been all around the world for work. He toured the globe, landing in Taiwan, mainland China, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Budapest, Milan, California, Madrid, and Paris. Mostly with a carry on and a backpack, and occasionally, a larger check in roller bag. And we thought, who better to tap for the-best-ever packing tips, and the line's must have pieces?

Victor Sanz' tips for packing perfect:

1. Lay out everything you're thinking of packing first.

2. Edit out half.

3. Add in just a couple of additional pieces.

4. Bulky items (boots, jackets) get worn on the plane, and hung up when possible while in the air to avoid wrinkling.

5. Travel with a backpack. Add a pair of sneakers or walking shoes to the bottom, and include items like a laptop, iPad, and kit for toiletries (he loves TUMI's Alpha Bravo Reno Kit).

6. Fill a 19 Degree Aluminum Carry On with remaining items. 

Victor fills his 19 Degree Carry On with 3-5 pairs of shoes and the rest of his gear including 7 t shirts, 5 button downs, a blazer, a jacket ("a kick around, casual coat"), and work materials including a sketch book and pens. 

Sanz tells us this easily lasts him 11-14 days.


Tumi nellis backpack
Tumi $395.00 DETAILS
Tumi cfx carbon fiber morley backpack
Tumi $1400.00 DETAILS
Tumi ashton morrison leather backpack
Tumi $715.00 DETAILS
Tumi carbon fiber braden portfolio brief
Tumi $1100.00 DETAILS
Tumi latitude short trip packing case
Tumi $745.00 DETAILS
Tumi latitude extended trip packing case
Tumi $795.00 DETAILS
Tumi alpha bravo reno kit
Tumi $150.00 DETAILS

Victor says: "I always try to travel with either a prototype or the latest collection we’ve developed, which is why I'm currently carrying Latitude. Our Latitude Extended Trip Packing Case is perfect for those times when I need to travel with a lot more. The Nellis (backpack) has been one of those bags that I always go back to and I’m always just so amazed at how well it works. It’s always surprising me in the best way. With the CFX brief and backpack, the carbon fiber always looks so spot on, so anytime I need to have something a bit more dressed up, the CFX makes me feel on point. Each of these backpacks serve a different purpose when I’m traveling. The Nellis is much more of my kick-around-town bag when I know I'm going to be running around and jumping in and out of the subway. When I’m going to an important meeting or have to look my best, I will throw on the CFX or Ashton styles."

Day to day, when he's not carrying one of the brand's uber-functional backpacks, he opts for the Georgica Kamini N/S tote, which will be available in late August. Be sure to keep an eye out for this chic bag (one of our favorites as well) that Victor likes to carry often, especially when going to an event because it "goes with everything, so it goes everywhere". 

Fun fact: each case in the 19 Degree Aluminum collection comes with a set of 8 stickers; Victor Sanz' own 19 Degree case tricked out in stickers.

In 2003, Victor Sanz joined TUMI, and in September 2016, he was appointed Creative Director. Victor has a diverse background. He's studied painting, drawing, sculpting and majored in Industrial Design at New York's Pratt Institute. He held the position of Design Director at Olivet International, and has designed award winning cameras for Eastman Kodak. Today, he brings his unique approach to TUMI, combining technology and fashion into each new product category. He's responsible for the brand's collaborations with Dror, Vice, Public School, Cool Hunting, Kith, Opening Ceremony, LFA, Kettle One, Johnnie Walker, and Colette.