July 2018

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Opal Jewelry Is What We Want To Wear In Summer.

A single opal has many moods—or at least seems to—which is exactly what makes each one so irresistible. The gems flicker from brilliant intensity to demure understatement (and back again) with the barest motion, and display colors from deep sea blue to searing red and every hue in between. That changeability has made them a source of wonder wherever they’ve surfaced. Ancient Greeks thought opals bestowed the power of prophecy and a Bedouin legend insisted that the gems came from the heavens with lightning strikes. Their mystical associations make opals a natural fit for jewelry with an otherworldly air, like the crescent moon ring from EF Collection or Celine Daoust’s starry gold pendant. And the remarkable color and dramatic fire of fine opals mean that they’re the ideal focus for streamlined jewels, like Irene Neuwirth’s halo ring or Liesel Love Jewelry’s sleek cuff. However they’re worn, opals have a habit of changing their owners’ mood for the better. 

Wwake one of a kind mini opal  sapphire and tanzanite chain earrings
Wwake $1495.00 DETAILS
Meira t 14k white and yellow gold larimar  opal and diamond necklace  19
Meira T $1470.00 DETAILS
Sarah noor opal diamond cluster earrings
Sarah Noor $4080.00 DETAILS
Irene neuwirth opal and diamond ring
Irene Neuwirth $7390.00 DETAILS
Eye m by ileana makri opal galaxy sun cuff bracelet
EYE M by Ileana Makri $TBD DETAILS
Liesel love jewelry moon of my life ring opal
Liesel Love Jewelry $320.00 DETAILS
Ef collection evil eye diamond   opal stud earrings
EF Collection $625.00 DETAILS
Melissa joy manning 14 karat gold  opal and pearl ring
Melissa Joy Manning $1260.00 DETAILS
Jacquie aiche opal   tourmaline kite necklace with diamonds
Jacquie Aiche $8740.00 DETAILS
Lionette by noa sade assi bangle bracelet
Lionette by Noa Sade $125.00 DETAILS
Jennifer meyer 18k gold  opal and diamond necklace
Jennifer Meyer $5500.00 DETAILS
Celine daoust baby opal sun necklace   yellow gold
Celine Daoust $750.00 DETAILS