September 2020

Get To Know Gnome Serum

This Family-Owned Brand With Over a Decade Of Experience Produces High Quality Hemp-Based Products For Your Every Need

What is Gnome Serum? With the proliferation of CBD-based personal care products on the market, Gnome is a brand set apart. The family-owned business has been doing this for over a decade, starting with a hemp-based soap, and has spent years since in research and product development. The brand's colorful, whimsical packaging is splashed with a large-scale butterfly that signifies the company credo focused on the effect...the butterfly effect. They believe that "even a small change can travel the networks of mind and body, impacting our well-being". Gnome boasts an innovative extraction process that preserves more plant power. CEO Greg Kerber's mission is "to use the most innovative technology", and warns that the CBD market is flooded with vanity brands who aren't putting quality and use of the best technology first. Full spectrum hemp extract makes all the difference, and Gnome uses heat rather than chemicals in their extraction process. 

Gnome's products start with a proprietary compound that balances the benefits of each ingredient. Therapeutic properties in organically cultivated hemp get extracted from leaf to root, with no more than .3 percent THC: the main psychoactive in cannabis that produces the "high" sensation. Ahiflower oil is a key ingredient for Gnome because it's packed with more omegas than any other natural plant oil. The brand's offerings are blended to create pure and potent small batch formulas. All ingredients are responsibly sourced and undergo the best testing.

Research drives the ingredient combinations found in Gnome Serum products. Six products for the body address a variety of needs: joints and bones (this bestseller from the brand is often recommended by doctors), cuts and scrapes, sleep, two levels hydration, and a formula for hands that is much needed, given the current covid-19 practice of constant hand washing. The face is addressed in three categories: Repair includes hyaluronic acid, Anti-Aging, vitamin C, and Calm is a handy formula that addresses redness. It doesn't stop there. Gnome has a personal lubricant for sex, gently named, Emotion, containing aloe vera and promising to "intensify a full range of feelings". An aromatherapy massage oil is filled with essence of tangerine, clementine, and evening primrose. There is an oral tincture that provides calming effects, anti-inflammatory properties, and hormonal balance. We love their sun protection product for its additional unique ingredients of chaga and reishi mushroom, which support skin repair. And there's more. Gnome also has a balm and a tincture for pets, and a hand sanitizer featuring a skin-protecting alternative to traditional alcohol sanitizers: organic cane ethanol, which is of course paired with equally protective, hemp. Discover the full range of Gnome's products HERE.