July 2018

The Morning After

7 Items And The Routine You Need To Reboot And Recover From A Night Of Indulgence.

Your tea hangover tea
Your Tea $25.00 DETAILS

Wake up and hydrate with tea containing a blend of Chinese herbs to jump start your hangover cure.

Patchology wink   a kiss eye and lip gels kit
Patchology $10.00 DETAILS

Apply lip and eye masks to instantly moisturize and wake up dull, puffy, and dehydrated skin. 

Nuun active strawberry lemonade electrolyte drink tablets
Nuun Active $21.48 DETAILS

Fill a glass with cool, filtered water and add a Nuun tablet. Drink up to restore lost electrolytes instantly. 

Fern green super smoothies 61 recipes and 12 detox plans
Fern Green $14.99 DETAILS

Nourish from the inside out with your choice of one of over 60 vitamin-rich smoothies.

The beauty chef sleep inner beauty powder
The Beauty Chef $60.00 DETAILS

An hour before bed, add this bio-fermented turmeric and spice blend to warm water, milk, or non-dairy milk to ensure a good night's rest. Time to catch up on much needed beauty sleep!

Kaia naturals detox hot bath
Kaia Naturals $12.00 DETAILS

Draw a hot bath filled with epsom salts and herbs. Soak for 20 minutes or longer to encourage circulation and rid the body of toxins.

Ursa majorgolden hour recovery cream
Ursa Major $48.00 DETAILS

Before dosing off to sleep, apply a vitamin and antioxidant powerhouse recovery cream to face and hands.