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August 2018

The Sakara Shop

Our Top Picks From The All-Natural Meal Plan Service That Promotes The Anti-Diet Diet.

Sakara Life is an all-organic, vegetarian meal plan delivery service trending big among recovering juice-cleanse addicts. (Guilty as charged.) And while we love, love, love their service that eschews counting calories in favor of counting nutrients, we've become *healthily* addicted to their standalone products. From delicious coconut and vanilla "Detox Bars" to "Beauty Tinctures" that promise a sexy glow, we've never felt this good about feeling good. 

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Sakara beauty   detox water concentrates
Sakara $39.00 DETAILS
Sakara beauty chocolates
Sakara $45.00 DETAILS
Sakara beauty water concentrates
Sakara $39.00 DETAILS
Sakara detox tea
Sakara $20.00 DETAILS
Sakara detox bars
Sakara $29.00 DETAILS
Sakara detox water concentrates
Sakara $39.00 DETAILS
Sakara the 10 day reset
Sakara $195.00 DETAILS