July 2019

Copy And Paste The Wellness Rituals Of These 6 Experts Into Your Morning Routine

Adopt Healthful and Mindful Habits That Allow You To Start Your Day With Strength and Ease

Let’s face it: we’ve gotten bad at waking up. It’s all too commonplace to reach for our phones to scroll our social media feeds or sensationalistic news headlines before we’ve even brushed our teeth. Like moths to a flame, we’re drawn to our devices as soon as we open our eyes. But why? Is it that we’re so worried we missed something while sleeping? Did aliens land at 2am? Was a new president sworn into office overnight? Did an A-list celebrity start following us on Instagram? It occurred to me recently that I was checking my phone like I was checking my pulse, as if it was confirming my existence, and I was tired of this junk food-like addiction. It left me feeling empty, unfocused, and anxious. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the recipe of emotions that leads to a happy and productive day. Eager to replace my bad morning habits with good ones, we reached out to 6 wellness experts and asked them to share their top 3 morning rituals. 

Founder and Integrative Nutritionist, Good Goddess 

1. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, I like to wake up before my kids and husband. This is my time to regroup before the next and most chaotic hour of the day, make my potions, and just get my own shit together.

2. As my Boostina coffee steeps in a french press, I make a big Curtonic lemonade (fresh lemon water + Good Goddess Curtonic) to rehydrate myself and add an anti-inflammatory and immunity boost to my day. I then make our version of a butter coffee (with our Fantastic Fat MCT Oil) , which is a process worth every minute—it keeps me energized and sharpens my thoughts with zero crash or cravings along the way. In addition to the good fats, our Powderful Collagen adds 8-10g of protein, which transforms your coffee into breakfast. Productivity juice meets time management at its best!

3. Finally, I walk the kids to school. I would say that walking the kids to school is a ritual (even if I’m sometimes yelling the entire time) that I love and need daily. My work world understands that kids are a priority, so if I’m “offline” between 8:30-9, guess what? THE WORLD DOESN'T END! And before I dive into heavy workloads, orders, and emails, a big schoolyard goodbye smooch is exactly what I need to get the day started. Especially when I know I may be working late, which is often.”

Co-Founder, CAP Beauty

1. First things first. I wake up and recite Sat Nam many, many, many times while lying in bed and taking in the beauty of my husband and doggies next to me. Once I’ve taken in their presence, I sneak out of the room, head to the kitchen, take two vitamins and have a big glass of water, light some incense, and meditate. Most mornings it’s TM, some mornings Kundalini. Depends on what I need that day.

2.After meditation, I sit down with my journal and write for a few minutes. My friend, Laura Rubin, has shown me the power of a daily writing practice, even if only for a few minutes. It’s a practice I used to do on the daily (remember the book, The Artists Way?) but moved away from it for many years. She recently reintroduced it to me and it’s so powerful. Simple, yet profound.

3. Then it’s off to the kitchen to make morning tonics for my husband and myself. Depending on what I am needing and wanting that day, I brew some herbal tea, add Cap Beauty The 8AM blend, The Matcha, pine pollen, [adaptogen] mucuna pruriens, The Coconut Butter, and ashwagandha to the blender. I blitz it up, pour it in our two favorite mugs, top it off with bee pollen and head back to the bedroom. My favorite time of the day. Sometimes the doggies even have a bit of the herbs. Everyone loves them.

Co-Founder, CAP Beauty 

1. I love to wake up before my husband and kids and squeeze in a few self-care moves before the day gets cooking. There’s always lots to do in the morning to get the kids fed and off to school with lunches packed, so I like to alternate between those more "on-point" mornings and some more relaxed ones.

2. I practice yoga at Modo NYC and I’m addicted not only to the deep sweat and detox, but to the strengthening, stretching and post-yoga high. The flow classes are my favorite, but I also love the more ritualistic Modo classes, which always consist of the same poses. If I don’t have time for yoga (or even if I do), I also love to start the day with a vigorous dry brushing routine. It takes just minutes and the effects are tangible, energizing, warming and health-giving. If time permits, I’ll add to that a good long headstand and a bounce on the rebounder (my sources tell me that 7 minutes is the perfect length of time). All of these practices promote lymphatic drainage and boost immunity and Qi.

3. Green Juice is the first real nutrition I put in my body each day. If I’m really pressed for time, I’ll pick up a juice at the health food store, but I try my best to make them at home. There’s really no comparison. I can feel the life force flood my body. So energizing, so alkalizing!

Holistic Nutritionist and Founder, and

1. My morning meditation practice is non-negotiable and allows me to find connection, balance, and hone my energy before starting a busy day. My boyfriend and I practice together and I cherish this time we have together and individually.

2. Then I take a two-minute cold shower—it’s awful and the best thing ever at the same time. Nothing makes me feel more alert, energized, and limber than this. Master a cold shower with grace, and you can handle anything that comes your way.

3. Finally, I put Rainbo medicinal mushrooms in everything from my homemade nut milk to my matcha or coffee. I use them for enhanced immunity, energy, and stress support and they’re part of my longevity routine!

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Founder of

1. I have quiet time with my coffee BEFORE looking at my phone/emails/Instagram. This is my time to reflect on all that I have and my appreciation for it. It sets the stage for my day. I also take this time to set my intentions on how I would like my day to unfold. If I have extra time (it all depends on my 3-year-old and his sleep schedule), I will do a ten-minute meditation.

2. Then I spend time cleansing and cupping my face. I try to do this every day. First I apply my Aimee Raupp Beauty Argan Oil Facial Cleanser, then I take 2 or so minutes and do some facial cupping. After that, I use a warm moist face cloth to wipe the oil off my face. I follow this by applying my Rejuvenating Facial Oil. I cannot live without this routine. It’s a time to reflect on how much I love and cherish myself and my skin.”

3.  Finally, I have a nutrient dense breakfast with protein and a TON of cooked greens.

 AADP Certified Health Coach, Author, Expert in Holistic Digestive Health.

1. When I wake up, I place one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly and take a few deep breaths. I say some version of the following to myself (think Goodnight Moon, but the morning self-care edition) . . . ‘Hi, I’m awake.’ How lovely is that? Good morning body, good morning heart. I’ve got you. I’m here, this is me. These are my arms, this is my skin, this is my chest, this is my face, I’ve got you.’ When I take that moment to check in with myself, to start the day with ease and calm, not only am I more likely to feel grounded and happy, I’m also much more likely to make positive choices throughout my day. This minute of calm is what I call my Morning Minute. It’s a moment for me to connect with my mind and my body, to get my feet under me before the day gets ahead of me.

2. Know that there’s no "right" way to do your Morning Minute. Try out a few of these ideas to figure out what feels best for you, yours may be: a minute of breathing deeply into your belly; listening to a short guided meditation; shaking your body out to your favorite song; writing in a journal or reading a snippet from an inspirational book; sipping a cup of tea alone; gently tapping on your body to increase blood flow (or any light movement).

3. Making and enjoying a Magical Morning Matcha. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 1 teaspoon matcha, 2 cups liquid (water, homemade hemp milk, or a mix of the two) , 1 tablespoon coconut butter, 2 scoops collagen powder, 1/4 teaspoon medicinal herbs such as ashwaghandha, rhodiola, maca. In a pot, boil water on the stove (and nut milk, if using) to simmer while you gather all your ingredients. Add ingredients to your blender and set boiling water aside to sit for 3-5 minutes. Add the liquid to a blender, and blend for up to one minute. Taste and adjust ingredients if needed. Pour, sip and enjoy!