April 2019

The Top 10 Wellness Accounts On Instagram

Scroll Your Way To Health And Happiness

It’s no secret that we’re all in a love-hate relationship with Instagram. It lifts us up and it drags us down. It draws us closer as much as it drives us apart. It fosters friendships and it incites FOMO. Flashy celebrity accounts and those filled with pop-culture memes are like fast food: delicious and addictive, but not exactly nourishing. In fact, studies have shown that Instagram can cause us distress because it induces a “compare and despair” attitude. The good news is that you can curate your feed so that it’s a source of inspiration rather than an energy suck. The trick? Following accounts that are 100% positive vibes. While there’s certainly no shortage of “fitspo” or healthy eating accounts (Instagram is downright saturated with them), there are certain wellness accounts that cast a beneficent glow on the entire medium. To put the happy in your scrolling, we’ve identified the top 10 wellness accounts currently on the ‘gram.


 Nicole Berrie is the founder of, a guide to plant-based foods and well-being and the owner of Bonberi Bodega, NYC’s first plant-based bodega. A mix of beautiful easy-to-copy plant-based dishes, family photos with refreshingly honest captions, and inspirational musings on life as a working mom, this account is feel-good, poignant, and relatable.  


 Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima are the co-founders of CAP Beauty, a natural beauty retailer. The products they carry are all 100% natural and insanely photogenic. Not only is their account a visual treat, it’s filled with regular sneak peeks into the fridges of people we admire, easy DIY tips and tricks, and introductions to the faces behind the awesome brands they carry.


This account from Bon Appetit Magazine is filled with healthy and mouth-watering recipes, investigative stories (e.g., do recovery beers really work?), and fun quirky profiles (with a wellness angle) on some of the offbeat celebrities we love.


Kari Jansen is an Ayurvedic practitioner and herbalist and the woman behind this delightfully ethereal account. With a focus on her handcrafted products, she also features beautiful photos with astrological advice: “Full moon in Virgo is the perfect day to detoxify yourself and get the energy centers of your body flowing again.” In fact, her whole page is replete with fun factoids. For example, did you know cardamom is a proven aphrodisiac or that Ayurveda refers to ginger as the universal medicine?


Deborah Hanekamp is the woman behind this enchanting account. Deemed “fashion’s favorite healer” by Vogue Magazine, her business facilitates medicine readings out of her space in SoHo. From full moon ritual baths and how to “sage out your morning” to how to find divine love and how to be your own best healer, there’s something intoxicatingly magical about this account.


Robin Arzon is an ex lawyer turned ultra-marathoner and best-selling author of the book Shut Up and Run. Her Instagram account is 100% female empowerment. Filled with energy, enviable ab pics, badass braids, and tough-love captions that call out our common excuses (“replace ‘I don’t have time’ with ‘It’s not important’ and see how that feels”), she’s just the boost you need to get yourself to the gym day after day after day.


While health, food, and wellness influencer Jeanette Ogden is objectively good-looking, her Instagram account proves that she’s more than just a pretty face. Authentic and real, she only posts about the healthy brands she “100% loves and uses.” A mix of fitness, family, and food posts, she’s known for engaging with her followers and responding to their comments, which gives her account a true community vibe.


“10 ingredients, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less” is the mantra behind this mouth-watering account with a focus on plant-based recipes. Packed with short instructional videos (think how-tos for vegan gluten-free banana bread or cauliflower rice) and the prettiest pictures of plant-based dishes we’ve ever seen, the case for eating right is beautifully made here.


Alexandra Elle’s account is all about “writing + taking care.” Filled with inspirational, honest, and deeply introspective quotes she’s written herself, this is the kind of everyday sharing that makes our lives better. Lines like “everything that has knocked me down has shown me I can rise” are reminders of our strength. She’s the friend we all need, but can’t always find in real life.


Instagram is known for breeding false personas—one of its most bemoaned downsides. Which is why when an account like Robin Nohling’s comes along, we can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. A dietitian and nurse practitioner who overcame an eating disorder, she’s now at peace with her relationship to food, her body, and her overall health. Her honest and open posts are about embracing the deliciousness of life (and food!) rather than depriving ourselves.