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Laren Stover - Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide to Living on the Edge


Bohemians don’t care what the neighbors think. They live free and fearlessly, pursuing their ideals and artistic inclinations. This NEW EDITION of Bohemian Manifesto is an exciting glimpse into the world of counterculture living, full-color dreaming and poetic revelations. Authors Laren Stover and Paul Himmelein deliver wit, whimsy, and insider wisdom as they build upon the five types of Bohemians—Folkloric , Beat, Dandy, Nouveau and Zen—exploring two additional Bohemian subsets: the earth-loving Fairy Folk with their mystical glamour, and the dapper denizens of the shadows, otherwise known as Dandy Goths, charmingly detailing their peculiar eccentricities and styles. The authors also expand on the elevated ethos, ecologically driven aesthetic and herbivore habits of the Zen Bohemian, the modern world’s most likely saviors. With new illustrations by the acclaimed international artist Izak, Bohemian Manifesto dares you to open to any page and let its shimmering descriptions tempt you to live a more authentic life.