Pizza night  deliciously doable recipes for pizza and salad by alexandra stafford

Pizza Night by Alexandra Stafford


Making great pizza isn’t complicated. Whether you’re using a kitchen oven, a grill, or an outdoor pizza oven, it all starts with the dough. In Pizza Night, you’ll find four simple no-knead dough recipes: thin crust, pan, Neapolitan style, and gluten free (plus sourdough variations), and easy techniques for perfecting your crust. From there, you can create a variety of delicious pizzas, including Detroit Style Pizza for a Crowd, Classic Margherita Pizza, Chicago Style Sausage and Giardiniera, and Grilled Pizza with Figs and Pickled Jalapeños. Arranged seasonally, each pizza is paired with a salad; Asparagus + Crème Fraiche Pizza aside Fennel and Citrus Salad, for example, and Roasted Hatch Chili Pizza with Corn + Oaxaca aside Melon, Cucumber and Mint Salad, and to end your meal on a sweet note, there are five simple desserts, including a one-bowl chocolate chip cookie recipe that may become your go to on pizza night or otherwise.