Sarah Magid Jewelry Technicolor Bangle


Inspired by textures, colors, and spirit of Frida Kahlo's Mexico- the Technicolor Bangle is a mixed media dream. Painted watersnake is inlaid with hand-painted enamel in bright colors. Our clever hinged bangle is sleek and fits in an oval shape for comfort. There is a safety latch for added security in case of serious dance parties. Fits small-medium wrists. brass metal, 12k Gold finish. After designing for large fashion brands for 10 years, Sarah launched Sarah Magid Jewelry in 2013. Inspired by feminine geometry, Modern Art, and bold color, the collection is designed with the 'Modern Woman' in mind, and her need for jewelry crafted with style and accessible price points. Sarah designs each piece with this in mind, from the signature ear clutches to the stone cuts in semi-precious material. Many pieces stack, layer, or have details such as adjustable lengths so that it can work with different individual styles. All the pieces are crafted in brass metal, Swarovski stone, and hand-cut semi-precious stones.