U beauty resurfacing body compound

U Beauty Resurfacing Body Compound


A cutting edge exfoliating treatment that visibly smooths skin, improves irregular texture and tone, and improves moisture retention. This fast-absorbing, non-sticky gel enhances skin’s natural desquamation process, optimizing and speeding up regular cell turnover to reduce wrinkle depth, diminish flakes and rough texture, and banish bumps that are the result of keratin blocks and clogged pores. AHAs, enzymes, flower and salicylic acids remove sticky buildup both within and on top of the epidermis, while marine ferments from the Dead Sea support the skin’s moisture barrier for improved moisture retention, suppleness, and resilience. The combination of gentle but intense exfoliation and nourishing hydration instantly creates softer skin, and with continued use, skin becomes super smooth, and remarkably more even.