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Later, Please
April 2020

I Dew Care

Of-The-Moment Masks and Superfood Skincare

We love the I Dew Care line of "seriously fun skincare" for its playful packaging and of-the-moment masks. But recently, when the brand launched three new products containing superfood ingredients, we jumped at the chance to try the trio. Juicy Kitten, a purifying serum that is "green juice for the face" contains kale, spirulina, and chlorella to nourish and soothe, and moringa to purify. Yoga Kitten is a soft clay mask that helps detoxify blemishes and blemish-prone skin. It's key ingredient is heartleaf, which both calms and clarifies, while eucalyptus helps to purify and balance skin. Namaste Kitten is a clarifying hemp seed oil cleanser that goes from bright green to a rich, white lather, also to help blemish-prone skin without stripping it. It also contains magical heartleaf. Shop the three below along with some of our other favorites from this far-beyond-the-basics brand. -Tamara Rappa

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Juicy kitten
I Dew Care $25.00 DETAILS
Yoga kitten
I Dew Care $23.00 DETAILS
Namaste kitten
I Dew Care $19.00 DETAILS
Matcha mood
I Dew Care $25.00 DETAILS
Cake my day
I Dew Care $25.00 DETAILS
I Dew Care $8.00 DETAILS
Disco kitten
I Dew Care $23.00 DETAILS
Thirst things first
I Dew Care $19.00 DETAILS
Let s get sheet faced
I Dew Care $25.00 DETAILS
Plush party
I Dew Care $16.00 DETAILS