January 2020

Snail Beauty

From Humanely Sourced Snails Living in Natural Habitats in France Comes An Inexpensive Skincare Self Care Secret

Introducing this best-kept secret for skin: snail gel. That's why one of our new favorite skincare lines is by Dr.Organic, an award-winning brand founded in the UK and now available in the United States. Dr.Organic provides naturally-sourced, cruelty free, chemical-free products, and our favorite items from the line are a range of products containing the nutrient-rich gel. Chilean snail farmers first discovered the healing, scar-reducing, and anti-aging properties in the secretions they came into contact with while handling the little mollusks: Helix Aspersa Muller, when they found that their hands were left in an improved condition after a day's work. Snails use the miraculous substance to prevent sun damage, regenerate their shells and skin when damaged, and ward off bacteria and cuts.

Healthy Aging Day Gel, Eye Serum, Facial Serum, Night Cream, and single-packet Face Masks all brimming with collagen, elastin, and glycolic acid found in the protective snail balm yields impressive results: just a few minutes soaking in the creamy face mask left our skin shockingly soft. What we love most in addition to its organic formula and the fact that we experienced powerful results after a single application? These 5 products range in price from a mere $4 to $20,  yet contain a unique, hard-to-come-by ingredient. We say that's reason to treat yourself to skincare-self care on the regular. -Tamara Rappa

Day gel
Dr.Organic $19.99 DETAILS
Eye serum
Dr.Organic $19.99 DETAILS
Facial serum
Dr.Organic $19.99 DETAILS
Face mask
Dr.Organic $3.99 DETAILS
Night cream
Dr.Organic $19.99 DETAILS