June 2024

Shelf Life | Chloe Guidry

One Of The Stars Of Hulu's Hottest New Series Shares Her Routines In Hair, Makeup, And Skin

To play sharp-tongued Jo in Hulu's hot new series, Under The Bridge, Chloe Guidry had to transform her face with 90's-era pencil-thin eyebrows. Her hair has also undergone a change to bright blonde. Here, the actor shares which key product she uses to build back her brows beautifully, the one shampoo and conditioner that's restored her hair after being processed, which celebrity-brand blush is worth the all the hype, and what helps her consistently create clear skin. Below, learn more and shop Chloe's shelf.

"For my character on my recent show, Under The Bridge, my eyebrows had to be very thin for months! I previously had very thick eyebrows, and was trying to find a good pencil to draw back on those eyebrows I love. I found the perfect product. Kosas Brow Pop blends in my true color, while still looking very natural!"

"e.l.f. Halo Glow truly gives a glow that is long lasting like no other. I
have tried many liquid filters, and this, by far, is the best."

"I love using contour in my everyday makeup routine, and the one that truly shapes my face perfectly is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand. Although it may be pricey, it's long-lasting, and a product I continue to re-buy."

"After hearing all the hype around Rare Beauty liquid blush, I decided to try it!  It has been such a game-changer in my everyday routine, and I truly love using it."

Kosas eye brow pencil
$24.00 DETAILS
Elf halo glow
$14.00 DETAILS
Charlotte tilbury hollywood contour wand
$42.00 DETAILS
Charlotte tilbury radiant concealer
$33.00 DETAILS
Rare beauty blush
$23.00 DETAILS
Panoxyl acne
$12.59 DETAILS
The ordinary multi peptide
$33.80 DETAILS
Cerave daily moisturizer
$15.59 DETAILS
Might patch
Kevin murphy blow dry wash
$29.00 DETAILS
Kevin murphy blow dry rinse
$38.42 DETAILS
Living proof phd dry shampoo
$43.00 DETAILS

"I've used Panoxyl face wash for about a year now and I haven’t had any breakouts since then. It is very gentle on the skin and feels wonderful after a long day of working!"

"After using my face wash, I always go in with The Ordinary hyaluronic serum after. It hydrates my skin and is good for any point in the day where your skin may feel dry."

"I first started using CeraVe lotion after seeing my mom use it for so long and how much it had helped her skin. It is very soothing to the face and is not “greasy” to the point of feeling to thick on the skiing but instead a perfect step in my daily routine."

"When getting nasty pimples at times, using Mighty Patches have been such a savior. In just a short amount of time, these patches remove redness and bring whiteheads to the surface of the skin."

"After transitioning from all-natural hair to going instant-blonde, my hair felt dead. I used many products to try and restore my hair health. Only Kevin Murphy's Blow Dry Wash and Rinse were able to help me achieve this. My hair has had much more growth and volume since I started using these wonderful products."

"My hair has a tendency to get oily very fast...just hours after washing it, but with Living Proof Dry Shampoo I can remove the oils and have my hair looking very fresh. It's good for use on-the-go with my active lifestyle, dancing for hours at a time. Extending time between washings also increases hair growth!"