June 2021

Chelsea Handler | Episode 75

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Sight Seeker. On this exclusive podcast, we talk to writer, comedian, documentarian and host, Chelsea Handler. Determined to make a contribution and serve up some joy and laughter during the Covid 19 pandemic, Chelsea ’s touring the country this year in her latest stand up, aptly titled “Evolution” which you can catch on HBO Max. Tamara had the unique privilege of sitting down with our May cover star during a really interesting time in her life, after a tumultuous year, and after she’s spent recent years really working on herself and yes, Evolving, emotionally. She’s shifted priorities, and ways of thinking and living, becoming focused on contributing and connecting. She’s shed a little anger, telling us she’s much more self aware, and proud of herself and all the decisions she’s making these days. Chelsea’s vision is ever-expanding, and why we titled her cover story “Sight Seeker”. On this podcast, get to know Chelsea Handler, the brilliant creative, a person who constantly has her eye on the prize…and that prize is learning, seeking, and educating. Always one to immerse herself in a topic or a subject, we discuss her next big ideas and what we can expect from her future rantings. We talk about her intense creative process and how it’s important to let her brain relax, allowing it to be a receptacle for new, unique ideas. Of course we discuss life pre-evolution, and we discuss Trump. Yes, we talk cannabis. We talk a lot about Chelsea the host and interviewer, and her return to the talk show medium. We talk boyfriends and female friendships, kids (never for her) and marriage (yes, maybe). We got into pandemic peeves and masking, and how she’s kept an eye on her mental health this year. This is an intimate look into the life of one of our favorite artists. When we talk about what she’s been watching and wearing, Chelsea is hilarious. 

“It's understandable that some women don't want to hang out with other women, and then the opposite is also understandable. If you can't connect with someone because they're not a girl's girl, that's unfortunate. You don't need to be friends with everyone anyway. There are too many people.” - Chelsea Handler

“For a long time you'd only see celebrities promoting their projects rather than getting personal. Now we're living a different kind of vibe. The more personal, the better.” - Chelsea Handler


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