July 2018

Inspired Home | Flower Delivery Has Never Been So Easy, Or Elevated

These Apps And Websites Allow You To "Say It With Flowers" In Style.

A quintuple stem orchid from Orchid Diva.

Recently we found ourselves bit more flower-obsessed than usual. We're crazy for Designer Rosie Assoulin's Resort 2018 collection that featured garments in a print taken directly from the paper used to wrap standard floral bouquets: "Say It With Flowers". So when Fashion Editor Alanna Simon arrived at work with a birthday bouquet bearing the same cheerful wrapping, we became excited to do a deep dive into the apps and services that make buying fresh flowers on the regular a simple reality.

The Story+ Rain offices are constantly filled with flowers, whether monochromatic bursts of roses, sophisticated orchids, or bountiful bouquets of wildflowers--- because everyone smiles just a little bit more when surrounded by them. It's no secret that flowers have the ability to instantly lift spirits, liven up a room, or make a hostess happy. Science has confirmed that flowers release the same feel-good chemicals in the brain that love and exercise do. So if you need to brighten someone's day or lift your own mood, flowers get the job done. Flowers put the finishing touch on decor, whether you need to make that cubicle more of a zen sanctuary or want to add a glorious pop of color to a room in your home. And if you need one more reason to get behind buying blooms, even Feng Shui experts tell us that flowers improve the energy and flow of a space. 

We researched the best ways to get a flower fix by simply clicking a few buttons. Gone are the days of needing to trek to a flower shop or market. If you have the time and space to grow your own rose garden, please do. But for those of us who can't, these websites and apps make getting and gifting flowers a breeze.

Pro Tip: We're fans of sending prearranged flowers as gifts, particularly for a host or hostess on the night of a dinner party. Experts on etiquette will tell you that when you arrive to a meal or dinner at someone's home with your gift of an uncut, rubber-banded, paper-wrapped bouquet, don't be surprised if your thoughtful gesture goes, well... unreceived. A busy dinner party host hardly has the time to cut and arrange a bouquet into a vase. Yet another reason to add one of these aptly named apps to your phone, and websites to your browser.

Le Clair Collection from Venus et Fleur features a top layer of Eternity™ Roses protected by a clear acrylic lid. 

If you favor orchids, gardenias, or roses look to Orchid Diva, High Camp Supply, or Venus et Fleur (whose specially coated, boxed roses last for up to a year).

Bouqs app offers repeat delivery that makes ordering up several stunning bouquets as simple as ordering an Uber. A unique arrangement will greet the intended recipient with weekly or bi-monthly arrangements. App Bloom That was actually born out of the idea that flowers are a way to connect in this digital age. They offer cut fresh flowers hand wrapped in craft paper. Urban Stems has collaborated with editors at Vogue, who have each created signature bouquets. They also offer a monthly subscription service . 

And for those moments when a well-meaning friend hands you a bouquet straight from the farm stand or the corner deli, you'll want to be prepared with an array of vases that both suit your style and instantly elevate a simple or modest bouquet. We recommend choosing vessels that make a statement, allowing you to add a dose of design to your space (whether holding flowers, or not). Shop our curation below.

-Nancy Brensson + Tamara Rappa

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