April 2018

Inspired Home | Spirit Animal Magic For The Home

Bring Some Symbolic Beauty Into Your Space With Spirit Animal Themed Décor

Resident home décor expert Elana Kilkenny is an intuitive counselor, sacred space designer, and self-proclaimed "curator of beauty" whose career began on an intuitive whim when she entered a multi-year Feng Shui masters program in the nineties. Elana's style is whimsical, colorful, and eclectic and she has a particular penchant for animal motifs, which she often chooses when designing for clients. Below, she shares 9 pieces that can instantly channel new energy and meaning into your home. 

"What are spirit animals? Certain spiritual traditions and cultures believe that each of us are connected to different animals that will accompany us through life, acting as guides. Whether it’s through dreams, observation in nature or meditation, there are many ways to find out what your spirit animals are," says Elana. 

Awakens the power and passion within you

Luke edward hall sketched safari tillie chair
Luke Edward Hall $1495.00 DETAILS

The power of transformation and metamorphosis in your life

Jay strongwater heather butterfly vase
Jay Strongwater $1200.00 DETAILS

Blue Heron
Symbolizes balance in life and the ability to be grounded on the earth and soar in the sky

Ruti shaashua blue heron
Ruti Shaashua $38.50 DETAILS

Symbolizes change and rebirth…shedding an old skin to become something new

Gucci oblong velvet snake cushion
Gucci $1250.00 DETAILS

Shows you how to notice the signs around you and recognize the patterns of movement in your life, which in turn, can assist you to be more fertile in your life

Nathalie lete mushroom forest wallpaper
Nathalie Lete $148.00 DETAILS

Heightens the ability to communicate more clearly and effectively within group situations

Rebecca rebouche soaring starlings curtain
Rebecca Rebouche $228.00 DETAILS

Weaver of fate and awakener of creativity.

L objet black spider candle
L'Objet $150.00 DETAILS

Prepares you to draw upon ancient wisdom and power. It is also symbolic of royalty and fertility.

Dana gibson  elephant pillow
Dana Gibson $135.00 DETAILS

Symbolizes overcoming that which haunts you and a renewal of vitality and vision.

Dana gibson for soicher marin leopard series wall art
Dana Gibson for Soicher Marin $825.00 DETAILS

Owl is the bird of magic, omens and prophetic wisdom.

One kings lane merrill room screen
One Kings Lane $465.00 DETAILS

"For your bedside table, go deeper with your connection to your spirit animals through these wisdom-packed and inspiring tarot cards and book set," Elana tell us. 

Kim krans the wild unknown animal spirit deck and guidebook
Kim Krans $29.13 DETAILS