May 2020

Matin's Clean Beauty Shop

Shop The Celebrity Makeup Artist + Clean Beauty Advocate's Favorite Items To Work With

 Matin is one of the world’s top makeup artists, one that is regularly booked on ad campaigns, editorial photo shoots, and by celebrities, from Claire Danes to Angelina Jolie, and countless others. He’s collaborated with brands such as Neutrogena, Clinique, Credo, and Chapstick. After his own health crisis that involved removing toxicity from his blood, Matin has since become an expert and advocate for clean beauty and personal care products. One of our favorite creative innovators, Matin cleverly uses Chapstick (yes, one of our favorite Matin beauty tricks involves Chapstick!) to touch up celebrities on the red carpet, and counts good old soap and water as the best way to keep clean. Below, shop over thirty of his product recommendations, and the brands and products he stands by. 

Bynacht perfect nacht white noise balm
ByNacht $90.00 DETAILS
Bynacht hypercharged glass skin serum
ByNacht $320.00 DETAILS
Bynacht iconic reborn radiant serum
ByNacht $215.00 DETAILS
Grown alchemist age repair sleep masque
Grown Alchemist $81.00 DETAILS
Orveda overnight skin recovery masque
Orveda $216.00 DETAILS
Royal fern phytoactiv anti oxidative
Royal Fern $195.00 DETAILS
Talika bubble mask bio detox
Talika $8.00 DETAILS
Bloomeffects $49.00 DETAILS
Bloomeffects royal jelly
Bloomeffects $39.00 DETAILS
Retrouve   luminous cleansing elixir
Retrouvé $75.00 DETAILS
Retrouvé $445.00 DETAILS
Retrouve   eye
Retrouvé $415.00 DETAILS
Rituel de fille
Rituel de Fille $38.00 DETAILS
Rituel de fille the black orb enigmatic eyeliner
Rituel de Fille $29.00 DETAILS
Untitled 18
Rituel de Fille $38.00 DETAILS
Lid tint in lilac
Jillian Dempsey $28.00 DETAILS
Jp eyeliner
Jillian Dempsey $20.00 DETAILS
Talika $49.00 DETAILS
Susanne kaufmann
Susanne Kaufmann $77.00 DETAILS
SiO Beauty $29.95 DETAILS
Chapstick total hydration 100  natural lip balm
ChapStick $3.49 DETAILS
Untitled 18
ChapStick $4.99 DETAILS
ChapStick $4.99 DETAILS
Chapstick total hydration vitamin enriched lip night serum
ChapStick $6.99 DETAILS
Chapstick total hydration vitamin enriched tinted lip oil in subtle pink
ChapStick $5.99 DETAILS
Untitled 18
Rituel de Fille $24.00 DETAILS
Untitled 21
Y et Beauté $32.00 DETAILS
Jp cheek tint
Jillian Dempsey $28.00 DETAILS
Kjaer weis collector s kit
Kjaer Weis $76.00 DETAILS
Anisa beauty
Anisa Beauty $30.00 DETAILS
Riki loves riki
Riki Loves RIki $195.00 DETAILS
Jillian dempsey
Jillian Dempsey $195.00 DETAILS
Dermaflash dermapore ultrasonic pore extractor   serum infuser
Dermaflash $99.00 DETAILS
Sio sio cryodrop
SiO Beauty $115.00 DETAILS
Pause well aging fascia stimulating tool
Pause Well Aging $115.00 DETAILS