August 2021

Obsixed for 7 | With Denika Bedrossian

Discover + Shop Some of Celebrity Makeup Artist Denika Bedrossian's Favorite Things

  1. 7
    Lavant Cleaning Wipes
    "Lavant is a plant-based, all natural brand and their packaging is beautiful. They have these amazing wipes that I use at home. I use them on set. I use them on my station. I use them on my palettes. I use on them on everything."
  2. 6
    Manifest Now Book
    "I'm reading Manifest Now. It’s about what you want for your life, how you can envision it, and how it can come true for you, by using different tools."
  3. 5
    Strength + Length Serum-Infused Brow Gel
    "Bare Minerals Strength + Length Brow Gel is serum-infused. It’s made my eyebrows double in size this year. I use the clear gel every night before bed. It’s incredible."
  4. 4
    Glowy Super Gel by Saie
    "Every day I use Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel. And I use it on my clients. All of their other products are equally amazing."
  5. 3
    BIBA Cream Barrier
    "My esthetician, Biba, has a cream called Cream Barrier, it's literally the ultimate facial hydration. That's how I become a glazed doughnut every night. The holy grail of moisturizers for me. There's nothing better."
  6. 2
    Love By Jade Stretch Mark Oil
    "Love By Jade stretch mark oil is amazing for restoring stretch marks. It’s made with rose hip and grapeseed. And it helps keep my pregnant belly moist. It’s a really, really amazing item to have."
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