December 2021

Obsixed for 7 | With Lea Michele

Discover + Shop Some of Actor, Singer + Story + Rain Contributing Wellness Editor Lea Michele's Favorite Things

  1. Apple airpods
    Apple AirPods
    "I can't walk around the city without being able to listen to music - it's truly one of my favorite things right now."
  2. Organic red wine
    Organic Italian Red Wine
    "Italian reds have less sulfites, which I prefer to drink if I can."
  3. Natural epsom salt
    Natural Epsom Salt
    "You can get them anywhere and it is the best purchase."
  4. Cozy earth sheets
    Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets
    "There's nothing like it. They are Oprah's favorite sheets for a reason because they are truly the best."
  5. Once upon a farm snack pack
    Once Upon A Farm Organic Snack Pouch
    "These are really easy, wonderful, but yet healthy choices for my baby when I'm working or having to be on the go. I know I'm giving my child something that is nutritious but also easy for me to make and give them."
  6. Anine bing leather pant
    Anine Bing Leather Pants
    "Anine Bing is my favorite right now. I just got leather pants and an amazing black and cream patterned coat with glasses and slides, so that's my uniform right now."