January 2022

Obsixed for 7 | With Julia Jones

Discover + Shop Some of Dexter Star Julia Jones's Favorite Things

  1. Olympus stylus film camera
    Olympus Stylus Film Camera
    "I was given a very basic and amazing Olympus Stylus film camera the first week I got to Massachusetts to film Dexter. I took so many pictures while we were filming. I'm still doing it on occasion, and I love the pictures so much."
  2. The lehman trilogy
    The Lehman Trilogy Play
    "I saw a play called The Lehman Trilogy a couple of months ago in New York that I loved so much and am telling everyone, obsessively, they have to see it."
  3. Upright piano
    Playing Piano
    "I grew up playing piano when I was little and then stopped for a long time, dabbling in it over the years. I have an upright piano in Los Angeles and started to play again during the pandemic."
  4. Free for all joe papp
    Free for All by Kenneth Turan + Joesph Papp
    "I've discovered I really like books that are compilations of essays or interviews with different people. My all-time favorite is a book called Free For All, which is the history of the public theater."
  5. Italy by jula jones
    Last Minute Trips
    "I've been craving spontaneity, like just deciding within 48 hours to get on a plane or get in a car and just do something. I went to Italy 48 hours after we wrapped Dexter."
  6. Ws cocktail shaker
    Cocktail Shaker
    "I just learned how to make a margarita and have a real affinity for cocktail shakers. I think they're pretty, fun, and the engineering is cool. And I like what comes out of them!"