July 2021

Riawna Capri + Nikki Lee | Episode 81

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Los Angeles based hairstylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee met and bonded as assistants, “ripping foils” and doing the dirty work. Years later, the two run one of LA’s most successful salons, and certainly the coolest (they were the originators of the Braid Bar, after all, and trademarked it). The pair share not a large celebrity clientele---they share an enormous celebrity clientele. Celebrity clients who positively adore them and the “big sister” relationships they not only provide, but thoughtfully foster. Nine Zero One Salon has the most in-the-know, refined finger on the pulse of what’s trending in celebrity hair and are the masters of how to deliver it. Riawna and Nikki see themselves as beauty coaches, designing hair for what they call “the entire picture” of a given client and their life. Kindness and good vibes sets the tone for the salon, their working relationships, and is the philosophy by which they work + live. Down-to-earth and high end all at once, Riawna and Nikki are a dose and a breath of fresh air in the industries of Hollywood, beauty, and fashion. On this podcast we discuss the building of a salon, the ins and outs of working with celebrity clients, mixing friendship with business, juggling it all, including In Common Beauty, Hollywood hair trends, and the art of hair color. We discuss the long and the short of it when it comes to hair extensions, and the clients who have inspired them over the years. We talk about how each’s working style complements the other, and the differences in Riawna’s hippie and Nikki’s chic-in-the-city-aesthetics. They share their thoughts and expertise when it comes to social media---a large and essential part of their work. They also explain how to divide and conquer when it comes to being in business with a partner, and have sage advice for aspiring stylists when it comes to freelancing versus working at a salon and more. 

“When we had the opportunity to have our own salon, we decided: we're going to make everyone feel like they belong's going to feel like a club...everyone has to smile.” - Riawna Capri + Nikki Lee


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