March 2024

Shelf Life | Tamara Rappa

What's Filling Our Founder's Cabinets In Skin And Hair Care

Tamara shares her latest-and-greatest 24 finds for hair, face, and body. From an array of cleansers for every use to the one razor to rely on, a next-level formula for the body, lip scrub upgrade--and more, discover and shop these well-vetted items found by our Founder.

"I love  the superfood-heavy ingredients in Youth To The People's products. Their caffeine undereye serum is a quick way to tighten and brighten after waking in the a.m."

"Mara face oil is packed with algae and perfect for sealing in the big dose of moisture I give my skin after my daily skincare routine. I also use it on my hands, cuticles, and elbows."

"Vintner's Daughter Essence provides a killer cocktail of  ingredients that prime my skin with eight different just one step."

"I stumbled upon Mustela's Micellar Water when I needed to clean and treat a wound. I find myself turning to it every time I want to further remove makeup after cleansing. Using a q-tip, it gently removes any makeup left over around the eye."

"Dr. Sturm's light-as-air foam cleanser is my go-to for routine cleansing."

"I fell in love with the Biossance line years ago after attending a product introduction and luncheon for editors. Their oil-based cleanser is unparalleled, and what I like to use during winter."

"A quick application of Babor's cleanser helps me remove makeup in the shower before further cleansing and topping with serum and moisturizer after I'm out."

"E.l.f. solved a pain point that plagued me; all the lip-scrubs-in-a-pot I'd been buying for years were messy and inconvenient to apply on-the-go. This stick formula exfoliates as it's slicked on, the crystals disappearing into a creamy formula. I'm loving it in Creamsicle and in Cotton Candy, and pack them into multiple handbags and makeup pouches."

Youth to the people 15  vitamin c   caffeine energy serum
$72.00 DETAILS
Mara algae   moringa universal hydrating face oil
$72.00 DETAILS
Vinters duaghter essence
$225.00 DETAILS
Mustela certified organic micellar cleansing water
$17.99 DETAILS
$80.00 DETAILS
Biossance $32.00 DETAILS
Babor gentle cleansing milk
$34.00 DETAILS
Elf lip exfoliator
Goop beauty microderm instant glow exfoliator
$125.00 DETAILS
Joanna czech  the soothing serum
$275.00 DETAILS
Dr barbara sturm the good c serum
$156.00 DETAILS
$160.00 DETAILS
Harry josh pro tools ceramic flat styling iron
$200.00 DETAILS
Product uploads jan  5
$49.00 DETAILS
Harklinikken hair hydrating cre me
$56.00 DETAILS
Jv wand
$285.00 DETAILS
Untitled design  74
$55.00 DETAILS
Untitled design  50
$60.00 DETAILS
Flamingo estate peppermint   juniper berry body wash
$44.00 DETAILS
Farmacy whipped greens oil free foaming cleanser with moringa and papaya
$29.00 DETAILS
Goop beauty microderm instant glow body polish
$48.00 DETAILS
Flamingo polished chrome razor
$10.00 DETAILS
Ursa major hoppin  fresh deodorant
$18.00 DETAILS
Salt   stone bergamot   hinoki aluminum free clear gel deodorant for sensitive skin
$20.00 DETAILS

"In the winter I inevitably need something that can will quickly remove skin flaking before I throw on my moisturizer and makeup.  Just a tiny bit of Goop's exfoliator  does the trick."

"I just had my first facial at Joanna Czech in the hood. I'm loving the texture of her Soothing Serum that calms skin and removes redness. An essential."

"On our podcast, I had a deep-dive discussion with Dr. Barbara Sturm about her product, The Good C. Listen in and you'll learn exactly why it's a must-have."

"What Sturm's Glow Drops do to the look of a miracle".

Harry Josh gifted me his flat iron and some of his other styling tools after working on our Eve Hewson cover shoot. I'll use anything that Harry Josh creates; his expertise is unrivaled when it comes to what works well for hair."

"Oribe Dry Texture Spray is like nothing else on the market. It's ability to shape hair is next level. I've been using it for years, no need to deviate."

"Someone told me about the Harklinikken line years ago. I'm all about doing anything it takes to strengthen hair. Their leave-in conditioner is so lightweight, it can be added to hair daily without getting greasy."

"When Joanna Vargas launched her Glow Wand, she took me through all it's glorious features and benefits on Instagram Live, and you can re-watch it on YouTube. I use it to calm and depuff skin, and to also get greater penetration out of my products."

"For years I'd been looking for a more-than-moisturizer for the body, something that would really re-surface the skin. Nécessire's Body Retinol and Body Serum have a permanent place on my bedside table."

"Goop's Morning Superpowder is my skincare-from-the-inside-out go-to. It aids in the building of collagen and contains vitamins C and E, CoQ10, and more. I mix the orange-flavored powder into a bottle of cold water and each time I drink it, I'm astonished by how thirst-quenching it is."

"I fell in love with all things Flamingo Estate. This invigorating body wash sits in my shower, their tomato hand soap can be found in our office bathroom, and their olive oil is a mainstay in my kitchen."

"I bought Farmacy's Whipped Greens Foaming Cleanser while away on a trip to use as a shave cream. Turns out, it's perfect."

"I always keep body scrub in my shower. I love the smell of Goop's, and the fact that it's packaging is travel-friendly".

""I was introduced to Flamingo razors by someone who was working on the brand. They are the very best, I've never looked back."

"I will never use anything but ultra-clean formula deodorants. The scents of Ursa Major's Hoppin' Fresh and Salt + Stone's Bergamot + Hinoki are so uplifting."