May 2023

Lily Rabe | Episode 130

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Lily Rabe: Actor + Director

Take a ride through the actor’s life and listen to our latest episode. Lily Rabe, who can currently be seen in David E. Kelley’s Love + Death on HBO Max, and on Shrinking on Apple TV +, is the daughter of prolific playwright David Rabe and celebrated actress, Jill Clayburgh, and we begin our conversation with her childhood spent near the stage. Watching the world’s greatest talent in rehearsals for her father’s masterpiece, Hurlyburly, Lily was bitten by the performance bug early on. We discuss her time as a dancer and how that turned to acting, life at Northwestern and her very fancy degree, and how life almost imitated art when she played a restaurant-employed actor for the film No Reservations. She describes why her heart belongs to theater and the “religious experience” that is performing Shakespeare In The Park. We discuss being a part of the Ryan Murphy American Horror Story family, and in a quick fire round, Lily talks playing Liz Cheney, the sheer joy she felt during The Undoing, why George Clooney is the happiest person, and why her role in his The Tender Bar opposite Ben Affleck was a favorite, and why George and Ben are, too. We discuss crafting the complicated relationship her character Meg has with Harrison Ford’s Paul in Shrinking, and we talk in detail about why embodying Betty Gore for Love + Death sometimes meant taking her home with her, for better or worse. Having worked with her husband Hamish over many years, Lily tells us why co-directing the soon-to-be-released film Downtown Owl whet their appetites for much more. And on the subject of "more”, Lily tells us why she’s feeling so fulfilled…. so will simply take some more of that, please. We touch on Presumed Innocent, ahead for her on AppleTV+ and co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Negga. We talk about how paying attention to saying no helped build her brilliant career, and why she looks to feel compelled to play a part. And lastly, Lily shares her great taste with a long list of her most favorite obsessions. We hope you love our conversation with everyone’s favorite, Lily Rabe, just as much as we do.

"I'm clearer now, more than ever, when I read something. I need to feel a total compulsion to play the part, and that's different from loving a part."-Lily Rabe

"Theater takes up a lot of real estate in my heart.  I love, I love, I love the theater so much. I ache for it. "-Lily Rabe


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