October 2023

Violet Grey | Episode 137

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Founder Cassandra Grey + Executive Director Of The Violet Lab At Violet Grey Sarah Brown

You will love this conversation about the latest and the best of the beauty industry with our next guests. We talk to Violet Grey’s Founder, Cassandra Grey, and Sarah Brown, Executive Director of Violet Lab at Violet Grey, formerly of Vogue. This is a unique chat and a special treat, because we got to talk to the esteemed experts together., of course, is a content and commerce destination (we know a little something about that) for all things beauty, that so many of us love, known for its supremely-vetted, highest-quality product; product that Violet Grey helps to make most coveted. Go behind the scenes with us here, as you get an intimate peek at how Cassandra and Sarah collaborate and complement one another. We discuss the before and after of acquisition by Farfetch in 2022. You’ll learn all about exactly what Violet Lab and The Violet Code is, how it works, what makes for a great committee member, and how (and why) it was established. From Cassandra and Sarah, you’ll hear about their deeply cared-for customer, the Hollywood influence on Violet Grey content, and how celebrity beauty has evolved over the years. Cassandra tells her story of starting up, and Sarah shares what she gets to experience at Violet Grey that she hadn’t experienced previously in her career. Cassandra and Sarah share how they know when a new-to-market brand is doing something special, and we do an extremely deep dive into all the products, tools---and the artists and entrepreneurs behind them---that are making the biggest impressions on each of them…including what’s in their own current personal beauty and wellness routines today. Get a glimpse ahead at the future of beauty with some interesting insight into what’s set to start taking off and trending. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain Talks to Cassandra Grey and Sarah Brown of Violet Grey. 

"I very much wanted to build a brand, a dream world with an artistic point of view that emotionally connected people, and cultivated culture and community." -Cassandra Grey

"I love finding the chicest thing. I love being at the epicenter of what's happening and cool. I love telling the world about it, and I'm super competitive, so I want it first." -Sarah Brown


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