November 2020

Tallulah Willis | Episode 55

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Designer, Artist, + Mental Health Advocate Tallulah Willis

Will Power. After challenges that the last year brought all of us and at 26 years old, Tallulah Willis bravely moved forward launching Wyllis, her thoughtfully designed clothing line whose pieces nod to 1940’s silhouettes. Tallulah aimed to create a collection that fully embodied not only her style, but what’s important to her. She married the two in way that’s really working, her untethered authenticity allowing her to succeed in creating a one-of-a-kind vision. When they say someone has “grown up quickly”…that’s Tallulah. Growing up in the Hollywood spotlight, the third daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis lived hard and fast for a while, and has since gotten sober. A true creative, she’s smart, articulate, and in touch with her feelings. She experienced an upbringing filled with major moments of creativity, and on this podcast we talk about that creative immersion. We talk about her mother as a collector and her epic clothing archive, one that helped Tallulah tap into her own skills and flair for fashion. We discuss Tallulah’s journey to sobriety, how she approaches her mental health and how that’s woven through her ready-to-wear collection that takes on the extra task of making the wearer feel a little less alone. We discuss inspiration and influences, both good and bad. We talk all the steps for how Wyllis came together, her team, what’s next for the brand, and we didn’t think to end the conversation without getting her to share what she’s reading, watching, and wearing.

“There was a little bit of me being the youngest, and kind of seeing a lot of people in already-developed stages of creativity. There was pressure, not spoken, but pressure that I put on myself to kind of figure it out.” - Tallulah Willis

“I think I do the best when I feel safe, and when I feel close to people that I love.” - Tallulah Willis


Tallulah obsixed 2
Jillian Dempsey $28.00 DETAILS
Lid tint in lilac
Jillian Dempsey $28.00 DETAILS
Tallulah obsixed 3
Aesop $45.00 DETAILS
Tallulah obsixed 4
Tata Harper $115.00 DETAILS
Tallulah obsixed 5
Diptyque $68.00 DETAILS
Tallulah obsixed 6
Sarah J. Maas $99.99 DETAILS