April 2018

New Ways To Get Your Green Juice On

Starring A Snack + A Face Mask That Get The Green Light

Inspired by all the green juice recipe testing that we're doing for our [RECIPE BOX], we began an obsessive search for other ways to go green. Always on our mind? How do we give our office candy jar a guilt-free makeover? Enter Sugarfina's Green Juice Gummy Bears (we're in love). And as we tested lotions and potions for products you'll soon see make their debut in our [BEAUTY SHOP], we discovered Glossier's Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, a detoxifying mask filled with antioxidants from leafy-greens (and more). No need to be green with envy, you can make this your next weekend ritual. 

Pressed juicery x sugarfina green juice gummy bears
Pressed Juicery x Sugarfina $14.00 DETAILS
Glossier mega greens galaxy pack
Glossier $22.00 DETAILS