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Jennà Wallace I Fashion + Creative Consultant I Founder of Glow Society

December 2017

Tyler Ellis I Handbag Designer

November 2017

Cecilia Collantes I CECIKO Illustration & Design

June 2017

Debbie Solomon I Rihanna’s Personal Chef

May 2017

Kara Mendelsohn I Founder + Designer of Cooper & Ella

May 2017

Damon DeGraff I Music Manager, Producer + DJ

May 2017

Anna Sheffield I Bing Bang & Anna Sheffield Fine Jewelry

April 2017

Alicia Liu I Founder of Lavender & Truffles

March 2017

Elana Kilkenny I Intuitive Counselor & Space Designer

March 2017

Alex Dickerson I Founder of Le Brain PR

March 2017

Cannon I Costume Designer & Fashion Stylist

March 2017

Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra I JCRT

March 2017

Taylor Strecker I SiriusXM’s Wake up! with Taylor

March 2017

BTS At The Oscars With Dr. David Colbert

February 2017