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Fall Rain

The Summer I Turned Pretty's Rain Spencer In Four Makeup Looks For Fall And Holiday, Designed By Makeup Artist Lilly Keys

Rain spencer   story rain 7 8

Let the eyes be the focal point. For this look that is neutral and the new effortless, and what Lilly Keys describes as "bold and dramatic", the celebrity makeup artist embraced a sense of mod and edginess, reflecting the fashion and cultural trends of the 1960's era.

Rain spencer   story rain 13 14 new

When it's time to make a statement, vibrant metallic jewel tones feel right for fall, says Lilly Keys.

Rain spencer   story   rain 11

"The metallic mermaid colored eye with peach gloss that I used on Rain are a harmonious makeup pairing. Using jewel tones on the eye will create a striking look, while the peach gloss adds soft, natural contrast. The combination gives overall balance, with the eyes drawing attention, and the lips providing a touch of subtlety."-Makeup Artist Lilly Keys

Rain spencer   story rain 4 5 new

Lilly says: "This red lip and shimmering eye combination is a modern take on the classic red lip choice for holiday makeup. The bold, cherry-red lip, created with a darker, ombré effect lip liner using Gucci lipstick in Crystal Black, exudes a sense of elegance with a slight vampy vibe. It instantly elevates the look. I used a tiny amount of it on the outer lip corners, using a precise lip brush."

Lilly Keys, on the key to natural makeup: "Keep it subtle, and enhance rather than conceal. Ensure that your skin is well moisturized and primed. Apply a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone, and then a touch of concealer to cover any blemishes or redness.I love YSL All Hours concealer. I love to add faux freckles across the bridge of the nose, and also dusted onto the cheeks, for a sun kissed look. This really plays up the youthfulness of the face and adds warmth. Once I’ve scattered a few freckles, I like to sweep a bronzing blush over the nose and cheeks where the freckles are, to both blend it better and for it to appear more natural."

fall rain
rain spencer beauty

los angeles, ca




martin rusch


katie bofshever
a-frame agency


joseph chase
exclusive artists


lilly keys
a-frame agency

Rain spencer   story   rain 9
Loewe orange blossom candle
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Fluid sheer glow enhancer
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Saie glossybounce  high shine hydrating lip gloss oil
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Nars radiant creamy concealer
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 odie le rose se rum
$125.00 DETAILS


"It’s become important for me to meditate for ten minutes before any work day or event, in order to ground myself and to stay in the present moment. Sometimes I will have to rush, and can only do like three minutes, but as long as I’ve dedicated a moment for myself, I feel accomplished."

"I always feel really good when I start my morning with a glass of water with lemon and cayenne pepper. It’s kind of shocking to the system and will definitely wake you up."

"I love burning candles when I take a shower. My favorite right now is the Loewe Orange Blossom Candle. "

"For some color, I’ve been using Armani Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer in shade #5. "

"Saie Glossy bounce Lip gloss Oil in Bounce is really pretty."

"Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Medium is my go to."

"I love Odièle rose face oil. It feels light and smells wonderful. The woman who owns the brand, Josée Leduc, is also lovely!"

"I use Pure Mana Hawaii products. I love their cleanser. Honestly, everything that they make is of great quality. "

rain spencer talks fall

Favorite fall memory

There have been a few Falls where I got to visit my grandparents. We sit around and play cards and do practically nothing, and that quality time with them means the world to me. My grandma always gets excited when the leaves change color, and so do I.

favorite fall Color

Burnt Orange is a pretty color to me. I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing dark colors but every once in a while, when I feel extra, I’ll wear orange.

favorite fall item of clothing

A few years ago I found a pair of vintage 90’s Fubu jeans at a thrift shop in Los Feliz. They’re so baggy and heavy. My mom gave me an old gold belt from when she was in high school. It’s falling apart and I love it, I wear it all the time with those jeans.

favorite fall drink

My friend Claudia taught me how to make my own ginger tea. It’s super easy and delicious. But if you let the ginger boil for too long, it’s really intense. I’ve definitely messed that up before which is an insane thing to do, considering how easy it is: Combine fresh ginger with water, let simmer for ten minutes. strain. add lemon and honey.

favorite fall accessory

I like a tiny gold chain that’s barely noticeable on the skin, and tiny hoops. Sometimes I’ll wear a statement piece, but not often.

FAVORITE Way to spend a Sunday in fall

Wake up late, eat a yummy breakfast, and read some of the book I keep forgetting about. If I can hang out with some friends, even better.

Rain Spencer shares her fall favorites.

Above, shop all you need to achieve all four of Rain's hairstyles (Braided | Brushed Out Texture |Wet Look| Pulled Back Pony) created by Story + Rain go-to pro hairstylist, Joseph Chase.