July 2022

Carla Oates | Episode 112

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring CEO + Founder Of The Beauty Chef Carla Oates

Nestle in for this treat of a podcast that will invigorate and excite you about the power of ownership in personal health. Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef range of best-in-class skincare-from-the-inside-out products, is with us for episode 112. We begin with Carla’s non-entrepreneurial life, in fashion and as a beauty editor, and how the health struggles she was looking to address in her family sparked her hugely successful and innovative brand. We discuss all things probiotics, fermented foods, the lacto-fermentation process, and bespoke bacteria, all of which Carla is an expert and pioneer in. We discuss the details about why gut health is important and how it affects big-picture health, her love of product development, and more. As we navigate nutrition, Carla dishes on her delish dishes and her two so-great cookbooks to date. We talk about her best-selling products, like Glow, and The Beauty Chef’s exciting new launches, including topical skincare. We get very specific about what sets her perfectly potent powders apart, and about innovative practices. It was a treat to go a-day-in-the-life with her on both the details of her skincare routine, her daily meals, and how her routine walks are an essential “filing system" for her brain. Our latest episode inspires. Listen in for valuable learnings from an entrepreneur’s bold path, adopt so many tips and practices for good health, learn how to achieve lasting wellness from within, and discover exactly how she creates as a maker. 

"Our bio-fermentation process is completely unique to us. We’ve got supercharged base formulas through fermentation, then we add nutrients and medicinal herbs, all to treat specific skin and health concerns." - Carla Oates

"I love bacteria. The world is full of bacteria, we can't see it, but it's so important for the environment's microbiome, the human microbiome, and animal microbiome. It's absolutely pivotal to health. " - Carla Oates


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