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Later, Please
January 2018

Jacquie Aiche And Her Ethereal Workspace in Beverly Hills

With designs collected by many, this fine jewelry designer leads a tribe of loyal followers.

Jacquie Aiche's workspace in Beverly Hills is nothing short of whimsical. Dreamcatchers, sage bundles, precious stone carvings and wood carved bowls are just a handful of the earthly gems that fill every corner of the space. And all are reflective of her namesake fine jewelry line, which is designed and created by hand in her hometown of L.A. “I’ve always been passionate about gemstones and their healing properties,” Jacquie says. "It felt natural when I started designing pieces for others.”

Ten years ago, Jacquie began making jewelry out of her garage and selling it at the clothing store she owned. “I would sell the pieces there, but I would never tell anyone they were mine.” Fast forward to today, and everyone from Gigi Hadid and Rihanna to Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner are big fans of her line. Not just fans, these women are a part of her #JATribe, as Jacquie calls it. This tribe is the biggest influence on her work, she says. “When I see one of my pieces come to life on a beautiful woman, it inspires me to continue to create in new innovative ways.”

We spent the day hanging out at her magical office and private showroom, which used to be the townhouse she lived in before starting her company. Since moving, she turned the garage into her personal office and the lower half of the townhouse into a private showroom. The gorgeous space consists of two structures linked by a courtyard on a residential street in Beverly Hills. We got the scoop on her favorite places to eat and drink, her go-to vacation spot, daily uniform, entertaining style and more.

Where I Eat

CAPO in Santa Monica
Café Stella in Silver Lake
soho house in malibu (for brunch)

Where I Sleep

"I entertain at home all the time and it’s always a feast!" she says. Her entertaining style is "definitely a Boho mix with prints and patterns" and her main focus is "always the food," which is typically Middle Eastern (she grew up in a half-Egyptian, half-American household). "All the flavors are just so yummy!"

Where I Work

"It’s important to me to have a space people feel comfortable kicking their shoes off…and maybe their shirt," she says. "You can find us all cozied up inside among my many crystals, books, and other tchotchkes, or in the backyard lounging in the 'conference room'. It’s a really special space."

What I Wear

"I am a jacket and sweater girl," she says. "I have some amazing pieces that I love to pull out and try on, as I can barely wear them here in LA." Her daily uniform is a pair of vintage Levi's paired with a "cute" top four to five times a week. 


Where I Play

"My ultimate travel destination is Bora Bora. I can never get enough," she says. And her drink of choice?  Spicy Margarita. 

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