October 2016

Glam Gatherings | It's In The Details

How to host. These finishing touches will elevate your evening to next-level status.

Playing hostess isn’t just about good manners—it’s about the thoughtful additions that make your guests feel like family. It's all in the details—from indoors to out. No matter your setting, adding the right touches in the right places makes all the difference. Check out our cheatsheet for A Country Dinner: Asian Farm To Table, and the items we're Obsixed with.

[A] A decorative candle spoke directly to the flavors of the evening.

[B] Lavender Towelettes were on hand for those roasting marshmallows by the fire

[C] A scarf that doubles as a blanket means a lot for a little + these were available to keep guests warm

[D] This decorative jar of matches added a striking touch

[E] Shape + color trumps scent when it comes to these handcrafted rock soaps that could fool even the most seasoned gemologist 
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{F] The yard was layered with patterned blankets, throws, and pillows
Our favorite of the mix was this faux fur blanket that kept both the setting and our guests feeling cozy