August 2023

Sakara | Episode 134

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Sakara Founder + Co-CEO Whitney Tingle

This week we’re catching up with Whitney Tingle, a trailblazer in clean eating and the power of food as medicine. She’s, of course, cofounder of Sakara. It’s eleven years from launch, and today Sakara has culled a community of dedicated clients. In fact, on the podcast, Whitney reads one of the many notes she receives from customers who share just how Sakara has been life changing for them. Known for their plant-rich meal plans, innovative supplements, superfood snacks, and cookbook filled with the brand’s signature rainbow of recipes, Whitney shares special details around some of Sakara’s meal favorites, their best-selling metabolism super powder , our personal favorite—Sakara’s beauty and detox water drops---and more. We talk growing up with gardening and in Sedona, and here, Whitney lets us in on the depth of severity in her early health struggle story. She calls out the Big Apple for what she describes as a “catalyst” city, explaining that there couldn’t have been any other place where she and cofounder Danielle could have built their brand with a cult following. She shares her perspective on building a business and being an entrepreneur, hashes out the how in how many people’s diets are filled with what Whitney calls “one hundred versions of pizza”. We get into the specifics behind how the Sakara cookbook was established, and the brand’s visually stunning, plant-rainbow meals based on their 9 Pillars Of Nutrition. And speaking of stunning, we get into how Sakara has come to be a stand-out in terms of visual branding, a brand where fashion meets food, as Whitney says. Then there are the out-of-the-box (pun intended) ways in which Whitney uses Sakara meals in her own life that you’ll want to follow yourself. We know we do. We discuss some cool collabs with KORA and Erewhon, and how science is addressing the power of the mind and mindset when it comes to health and nutrition. Lastly –we’ve got 5 Sakara favorites and 12 items from skin + hair care to meal prep shortcuts and what Whitney’s wearing for you---discussed in detail and shoppable here and on Instagram, as always. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain talks to Whitney Tingle of Sakara.

"It's about getting enough plants into your diet, because the rest of the world longs to feed you bread, meat, cheese, coffee, and alcohol".

"We are where food and fashion intersect".



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