March 2020

Joanna Vargas Skincare

These Aesthetically Chic, Plant-Based Products Are Loved By A-list Stars, It Girls, Editors And Anyone With Great Taste And A Desire For Glowing Skin

We love celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas for her chic aesthetic and her passion for science. The items in her line are unparalleled: plant-based and among the best you can find. Vargas' first book is a lifestyle guide we live by. She details everything you need to know about achieving and maintaining perfect skin, diving deeply into the treatments, routines, lifestyle recommendations and choices that will help get you there. At her exclusive salons in New York City and inside the Sunset Tower Hotel (a Story + Rain go-to destination) in Los Angeles, Vargas pairs non-invasive techniques with natural yet effective skincare products to treat her clients from A List stars to It Girls, editors, and anyone with great taste and a desire for good, glowing skin. Shop our picks for a variety of powerful treatment masks for both the under eye area and the full face, along with a serum, a vitamin C face wash and more.

Jv ritual soap
Joanna Vargas $22.00 DETAILS
Jv ritual brush
Joanna Vargas $30.00 DETAILS

Another thing we appreciate about Joanna Vargas' approach: she doesn't just address the face. Above, shop our favorite Ritual Bar + Brush. Ritual Bar is an invigorating green tea soap that energizes while detoxifying and smoothing skin from head to toe. Use the brush along with the soap to stimulate circulation and awaken dead skin cells.

Joanna Vargas At Her Book Launch Party for Glow From Within.

Jv daily serum
Joanna Vargas $85.00 DETAILS
Jv bright
Joanna Vargas $60.00 DETAILS
Jv vit c face wash
Joanna Vargas $40.00 DETAILS
Jv glow to go 5 sheet mask set
Joanna Vargas $75.00 DETAILS
Jv glow from within
Joanna Vargas $19.36 DETAILS

The Magic Glow Wand: four different settings mimic the steps of an in-salon facial.

Jv wand
$285.00 DETAILS
Jv twilight face mask
Joanna Vargas $75.00 DETAILS
Jv rejuvenating serum
Joanna Vargas $100.00 DETAILS
Jv exfoliating mask
Joanna Vargas $75.00 DETAILS